About The Project.

Megan Mcleish is a Glasgow based artist currently studying BA hons Contemporary Performance Practice at The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

Her interests revolve around theatre for young audiences, theatre in education and in facilitation of a “socially engaged practice”
Her artistic practice involves research, producing and performance making.

As a performance maker her work is inherently political and is a product of her narrative as a queer, disabled woman.

Accessibility, Diversity and Equality are core components of all of her work both on and off stage.

In the next 12 months Megan will undertake two main projects alongside her continued studies.

The first running from October 2018 – February 2019 is a professional placement with Imaginate. A national organisation in Scotland, which promotes, develops and celebrates theatre and dance for children and young people.

The Second is a five month academic exchange with Fontys University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands studying Art, Creating and Research with their school of fine and performing arts.

The blog posts to follow weekly will document my learning journey as I move through the professional placement module with Imaginate. Researching and reflecting on the children’s theatre industry and its importance whilst developing an understanding of how my own practice can fit into this world in a sustainable and fulfilling way.

Key Components of this research will be the time spent in the Imaginate office developing an understanding of their working practice as an organisation, creating relationships with the team and learning more about their roles and what drives them to do this kind of work. As well as this, further research will be gathered through key short-term placements with the various artists and projects Imaginate are currently supporting. This will allow a broad insight into the different kinds of practices that exist in the industry at the moment, it will guide and inspire the methodology behind my own making process and through conversation with such a wide range of practitioners acting in very different roles it will allow for a growing and multidimensional reflection on theatre for young audiences.




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  1. This comment is in response to your most recent post (week 6). Your questions ‘How can we frame feedback in a way that brings out really good quality reflections? How can we frame sharings in a way that lets the work grow authentically and doesn’t put pressure on the artist to share a finished cohesive narrative? Who is the ideal audience to present a sharing to?’ are great. I am interested in your responses to these questions, even if they are not conclusive. What are the most useful structures for sharings do you think? Does it depend on the artist and the work they are making? Or, are there some principles you can come up with that you think are important?

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